Business advice for senior leaders and establishment of advisory boards for business owners

Experienced executive leaders and subject matter experts available for the scoping, preparation, and presentation of business advice for senior leaders. We can help establish advisory boards to enable the efficient access to skills and experience required for business owners. Advisory boards provide significant benefit to owners during periods of great challenge or substantial growth for small / medium or family operated  businesses that need support transitioning into a larger organisation.  An advisory board creates business partners who are focused on performance and the business outcomes without dilution of ownership equity or dividends. 


Short and long term assignments for experienced professionals for specific projects and programs

The complete range of professional services for short and long term assignments to compliment and enhance internal resources.  Experienced senior managers, industry specialists, and subject matter experts, are available to help organisations solve problems, achieve business ambitions, or provide supplementary organisational capacity. With a focus on delivering organisation value, all vœu consultants are aligned to our Promise to deliver value in everything we do to beneficially change business situations.

Interim Executives

Temporary appointments of experienced leaders during change management or recruitment

Short and medium term appointments of experienced executive leaders during periods of change, to create organisational stability, mentor newly promoted management, or during a recruitment process. A network of executives are available who have demonstrated industry knowledge and a successful track record in senior management positions. Interim executives are suitable for functional and organisational wide positions as technical experts, heads of departments, general management, or executive officer roles. Interim executives are well know to vœu and go through a substantial evaluation and reference checking process prior to being proposed for any assignment.

Industry Expertise

Appointments for resolving conflict by expert determination and providing expert opinion

vœu industry experts are available to provide situational advice, prepare formal expert opinion, or be appointed during distressed contract events. Our focus is to share our technical and commercial expertise so organisations can make informed decisions to resolve complex or ambiguous situations.  Our industry experts come from the construction and infrastructure industry with extensive client and contractor experience.  Expert determination, agreed by contract parties, is an efficient means to resolve disputes in order to avoid the time and costs of protracted legal proceedings.  

Bid Leadership

Leadership of strategic pursuits along with development and execution of win strategies

Professional bid specialists for leadership of strategic pursuits from market shaping initiatives, through the bidding process, and during contract mobilisation and transition. Experienced personnel are available for project management of the entire bid process or discrete components of the pursuit cycle.  Trainers are in place to facilitate strategy development workshops along with coaching and preparation of client interactions.  Subject matter specialists can be provided for the key areas of development of bid strategy and value proposition, project management, bid preparation, estimating, technical challenge, commercial review, and independent submission evaluation.  

Performance Analysis

Independent performance review and analysis of organisational and project control systems

vœu consultants and advisors help organisations understand business performance by providing objective review and analysis of management reporting and project control systems.  Analysis services range from performance benchmarking to forensic examination of situations to review the structure and reliability of existing systems and reporting. Independent assessment and review of control and management systems provide an objective view of performance so senior leaders can make better more informed business decisions.

Commercial Advocacy

Engagements to act on behalf of organisations during commercial negotiation and issue resolution

Commercial and technical advocates are available to support organisations during negotiations and resolution of contractual disagreements. Our industry experts have substantial experience in working through similar circumstances so they can provide organisations an independent view of matters in order to enable collaborative issue resolution.  vœu is able to act as the lead or support in complex commercial and technical negotiations to help facilitate the optimum long term outcome for the organisation and its stakeholders.


Coaching and mentoring of senior leaders and the development of high performing teams

vœu provides coaching and mentoring for individuals and teams along the journey towards high performance.  Facilitation of team development is a key service for existing groups or for a newly formed team during project delivery.  Independent assessment and review of individual and team performance is available along with specific coaching to address underperformance and conflict. vœu are experts in the development of enterprise wide change programs and talent development initiatives.

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